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Or, you know, you could just stop saying sorry.

I take it you don’t have anxiety.

You can’t “just stop saying sorry”. You do something, something so little, like accidentally bump into someone. You feel horrible about it. Your brain starts panicking and you have trouble trying to breathe. You stutter an apology. They say it’s okay, but you accidentally do it again, and you apologize again. They just say “Aha, you can stop saying sorry.” And you feel horrible that you’ve probably made them angry or upset, so you mutter out an apology for the third stupid time, and they just say to stop saying sorry. Stop saying sorry. 

You can’t just tell someone to stop saying you’re sorry.

I want that comment on flyers so I can hang them in my school

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Real talk about Ian for a sec:
I love make up. Ian absolutely HATES when I wear/buy/talk about make up.
As my boyfriend, he does the obligatory “you don’t need this”/”you look better without it” speech every time I gush over a new palette.
Lately, I’ve been obsessing over Urban Decay’s Naked palette. I have Naked 2 and 3, but I really wanted to find 1 and complete the holy triumvirate. So I searched Sephoras and Ultas and even UD.com and (shock value) it was back ordered! I hang my head in shame and get over it.
Do you know that my crazy amazing wonderful boyfriend showed up at my door today holding a dozen long stemmed roses and the original naked palette? Wanna know what he said as I, mouth agape, tried to form the thought “He gets it now.”
“The flowers,” he said, “are because you’re beautiful. The makeup is because you love it.”
He’s no Yates, but let’s hear it for the boy who recognizes my desires to play with makeup because I want to. Here’s to the boy who can acknowledge that my desires to alter or not alter my physical appearance are mine and mine alone. Here’s to the boy who is rejecting the “feminist” ideals that “real women” shouldn’t wear makeup and be “barbies” and “clones”.
Wanna know what he said next? He goes.. “So do you want the Naked Basics palette too?” Literally can’t with how amazing he is. UGH what a love.
Sorry, tumblr.. Just had to gush a little. -A

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I am the kind of girl that you take home to meet your mom
and she loves me
when you are mean to me
and lose me,
she will ask why I’m not around
did she ever do that before?

I am the kind of girl that you give up the late night text messages
with your ex-girlfriend for
she makes you feel like shit anyways
and the reason why you stopped being on your phone
all the damn time
trying to flirt with someone you hardly even know
to fill a void

but if you don’t drop that for me
I won’t stay long
I’m not the kind of girl
who gets caught in a web
with someone who doesn’t look towards the future

I am the kind of girl who would rather be alone
than with someone who always puts me second (never again)
and I am not to be pushed to the side
I am not an option
I am all or nothing
does that intimidate you?

I am the kind of girl
that makes you wonder why you didn’t look more carefully at the sky
before you met me
you probably trust me
and think I could complete you
(maybe I will)

and the kind of girl who is terrified of you
because she doesn’t know how to let someone in
because I like your mom too and I don’t want
her to text me six months from now saying
it had been a pleasure to know me
and she wishes I was still around



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